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          Cryogenic ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd.

          Cryogenic ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection development , production and sales of high-tech enterprises , mainly engaged in frozen in liquid nitrogen equipment research , development, manufacturing and sales. The series uses the latest heating technology , technology and liquid nitrogen temperature dispersion technology, programmable heating thermostat , cooling each process uniformity and stability . To -196 ℃ liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant , cooling and meet environmental requirements . Products are horizontal , vertical , square, cylindrical , and other specifications , and user requirements to design and manufacture , can be used for mechanical engineering, genetic engineering , pharmaceutical , food processing, medical research, plant conservation , aerospace, and other livestock field , the series has been widely used in many industries at home and abroad .       

          Cryogenic ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the " advocate science and technology , to Germany to win the trust ," the purpose , adhere to the " good faith , integrity , equality , and dedication " values, in order to achieve this goal through our cutting-edge technology, full enthusiasm tireless efforts of staff, every truth into the carefully manufactured products go, committed to providing customers with high quality , high performance products and quality service !